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Arroo Septic Tank Services In County Sligo

We have many annual customers in County Sligo who we are very grateful to have booking us annually. These customers are very happy with how we do our job and they have shown so by giving us a review. If you are a past customer or a new customer that just recently got your septic tank emptied by us, please leave a review. This is example of the reviews our customers have gave us:


Case Study 1

Alan Hughes, Grange Co. Sligo

 Alan rang us on Christmas Eve with an emergency call. He explained to us how his toilets wouldn’t flush and his neighbour came over with sewer rods but they couldn’t get it cleared. We were there within 2 hours. We first checked the septic tank to make sure nothing was wrong there, but realised the inlet pipe was really dry which meant that nothing had came into the tank in a while. We then reeled a long jetting hose and it made its way up the sewer line on its own. It turned out there was a manhole hidden that Alan never knew existed and this is where the blockage occurred. We cleared the blockage and checked everything was flowing correctly. We booked a date after Christmas to empty the septic tank.



 "On the 24th of December I woke up and found out that my toilets weren’t flushing. I rang my neighbour as he knew a bit more than me about this stuff. He came round with sewer rods but we couldn’t get it cleared. I rang Arroo Septic Tanks and explained to Damien how it was urgent this was fixed for tomorrow as my whole family where coming over. Damien arrived very soon after and got straight to work. He checked the septic tank to make sure there was nothing wrong and he found out that nothing had gone into the tank for ages. He found a manhole which I never knew existed and it turns out that it was blocked. He cleared it and checked over everything. He arranged to come back after Christmas to empty the tank. I have had no trouble with it since. Damien was top class and saved our Christmas. Highly recommend."

Case Study 2

Joe Flanagan, Carraroe.

Joe from Carraroe called us out. His toilets where not flushing and he assumed the tank needed emptying. When I arrived I looked at the system layout and saw that Joe had a raised percolation area. We emptyed the pumping chamber and tank and gave it a flush out with clean water. I removed the pump and tested it and found out it was burned out. Joe informed me that it was approximately 12 years old. I fitted a new pump and filled the pump chamber with water to ensure everything was working ok and checked the raised bed area to ensure there was nothing restricting the flow from the pump. Joe was delighted with the job we had done. Joe has booked us to do an annual empty and service yearly going forward.


I rang Arroo Septic Tank Services last week as my toilets where not flushing. I thought emptying my septic tank would fix it but Damien explained to me that there was a raised percolation area. Damien explained what he had to do and got straight to it. When he was finished he checked the pump for me and found out that the pump was burned out. He fitted in a new one and tested it. I was delighted to have it done! Damien did a great job and I'm very pleased with it! 

Case Study 3

Beth Dunne, Carney

I have been having problems with rain water getting away from my gutters and drains.Damien came and jetted my storm water drains and there all working perfectly now. I was delighted to have it done just in time before the heavy rainfall from storm 'Lorenzo'. Would highly recommend Arroo Septic Tank Services.


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